MSDN Webcast: What Every Developer Should Know About the .NET Framework, but May Have Missed Along the Way (Session 5)—Level 200
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Product(s): Visual Studio.
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The .NET Framework provides an excellent platform for developing applications and a rich set of documentation for learning about how to develop those apps using the Framework. Whether you're new to .NET or you're just looking to fill the gaps in your knowledge, this fifth webcast in the comprehensive 14-part series "Soup to Nuts - A Practical Guide to Building Windows Forms Applications with .NET" is essential material. Join us for an immersive tour of the .NET Framework and its powerful capabilities.

Presenter: David Anthony, Senior Software Architect, Tech Head LLC

David F. Anthony is a Senior Mentor and Application Architect in Houston, Texas. He has over 10 years experience using Microsoft technologies to help companies expertly automate their business processes. He holds an MCSD, an MBA and a BBA in MIS from Texas Tech University, and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

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