TechNet Webcast: Hey, What About ADSI? (Level 200)
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If you don't seem to remember much about the Microsoft® Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) webcast from Scripting Week 1, don't feel bad: there wasn't an ADSI webcast in Scripting Week 1. But that's all right, that just makes Scripting Week 2 that much better. In this, the first of five Scripting Week 2 Webcasts, the Microsoft® Scripting Guys give you the lowdown on ADSI, showing how you can use this technology to manage - among many other things - users and groups in Active Directory and on your local computers. This is guaranteed to be the best (and first) ADSI webcast ever offered during a Scripting Week.

Did you miss the Scripting Week 1 webcasts? Don’t worry; the webcasts, the PDF files and the sample scripts are all available on demand by clicking here.

Presenters:  Microsoft Scripting Guys, Microsoft Corporation

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