Microsoft Dynamics Webcast: SmartList Builder Gets Even Better with the New Excel Report Builder Functionality (Level 100)
Microsoft Dynamics Webcast: SmartList Builder Gets Even Better with the New Excel Report Builder Functionality (Level 100)
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Product(s): Microsoft Dynamics GP.
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Attend one of two upcoming webcasts to learn about the new functionality being added to SmartList Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP. SmartList Builder takes the highly popular, easy-to-use SmartList tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP and dramatically increases its power and range. Now you can query more data in more ways, because SmartList Builder gives you access to all the information that you capture, enabling you to create your own reports in Microsoft Office Excel from multiple sources. Learn how the number one selling add-on module can help enhance your reporting capabilities. With the added functionality, the price of SmartList Builder increases on June 1, 2008. Buy before June 1to save up to $925 U.S. dollars.

Presenters: Errol Schoenfish, Director, Product Management, Microsoft Corporation, and Martin Olsen, Product Director, eOne Integrated Business Solutions

Errol Schoenfish is the director of product management for Microsoft Dynamics GP and is based in Fargo, North Dakota. Errol’s 21-year career has been exclusively involved in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry. In his current position, Errol works with product development to drive Microsoft Dynamics GP product strategy and Microsoft product collaboration.

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Duration: 48 minute(s)
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