MSDN Webcast: Creating Location-Aware Applications for Windows Mobile Devices (Level 300)
MSDN Webcast: Creating Location-Aware Applications for Windows Mobile Devices (Level 300)
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More and more Windows Mobile powered devices ship with integrated global positioning system (GPS) hardware. Since Windows Mobile devices are typically used on the road, it makes a lot of sense to add location awareness to your applications. In this MSDN webcast, Maarten Struys shows you how you can make use of the GPS Intermediate Driver to access GPS information from inside managed applications. Learn how to use the FakeGPS utility to test location-enabled applications without needing access to a physical GPS device. Of course, in this session, you also see a location-aware application on a device using real GPS data.

Presenter: Maarten Struys, Technical Manager, PTS Software

Maarten Struys works as a technical manager and Windows Embedded evangelist at PTS Software in the Netherlands. Maarten has worked with managed code in the Microsoft .NET Framework environments since 2000. He has experience with Windows CE and has worked with Windows Mobile development since its introduction. Maarten speaks regularly at Microsoft Mobile & Embedded Developer Conference (MEDC), MEDC Europe, Mobile Connections, and Tech Ed. He is also a freelance journalist, writing for the leading magazine about embedded systems development in the Netherlands. Maarten's Web site,, is loaded with information about using the .NET Framework in the embedded world.

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