MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom (Part 13 of 15): Transactions  (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom (Part 13 of 15): Transactions (Level 200)
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Transactions are critical for system reliability. Transactions are necessary when two or more activities must be coordinated as a single operation—ensuring that the system is always left in a consistent state. The only two viable options are to complete the two activities successfully, or to leave the system as it was before initiating either activity. Transactional programming is a well-known technique for guaranteeing a consistent system state. While Microsoft .NET version 2.0 provides a mechanism for initiating transactions, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) makes it possible for services to participate in distributed transactions across process and computer boundaries, and to initiate transactions at the service tier. In fact, this is done via an interoperable Web service protocol called WS-AtomicTranscation (WS-AT). In this webcast, we show you how to configure the Distributed Transaction Control (DTC) to support WS-AT, and we explain how to configure your WCF clients and services to support transactions over any protocol.

Presenter: Michèle Leroux Bustamante, Chief Architect, IDesign Inc.

Michèle Leroux Bustamante is chief architect of IDesign Inc., Microsoft Regional Director for San Diego, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for XML Web services, and BEA Technical Director. At IDesign, Michèle provides training, mentoring, and high-end architecture consulting services, focusing on Web services, scalable and secure architecture design for Microsoft .NET, interoperability, and globalization architecture. Michèle is also events director for the International Association of Software Architects (IASA). Visit for more information on her book, Learning WCF (O'Reilly, 2007). 

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