MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom (Part 08 of 15): Instancing Modes  (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom (Part 08 of 15): Instancing Modes (Level 200)
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Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services can be configured so that the lifetime of the service instance is limited to the duration of the request, for the duration of a client session (proxy instance), or forever, as in the case of singleton services. The choice of optimal service lifetime may vary by application, given the expected calling pattern of clients, requirements for state-awareness, and the expected throughput necessary to serve requests. Instancing modes in WCF control the way that service objects are allocated to handle requests. Requests to each service endpoint are processed by the appropriate service object, based on the instancing mode for the service type. In this webcast, we explore PerCall, PerSession, and Single instancing modes, explain call and lifetime semantics for each, and illustrate the scenarios in which they are best applied.

Presenter: Michèle Leroux Bustamante, Chief Architect, IDesign Inc.

Michèle Leroux Bustamante is chief architect of IDesign Inc., Microsoft Regional Director for San Diego, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for XML Web services, and BEA Technical Director. At IDesign, Michèle provides training, mentoring, and high-end architecture consulting services, focusing on Web services, scalable and secure architecture design for Microsoft .NET, interoperability, and globalization architecture. Michèle is also events director for the International Association of Software Architects (IASA). Visit for more information on her book, Learning WCF (O'Reilly, 2007). 

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