TechNet Webcast: Enabling Trusted Communications and Health Policy Enforcement with Network Access Protection (NAP) (Level 300)
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Discover how Network Access Protection (NAP), built into Windows Vista and Windows Server code-named "Longhorn” operating systems, provides policy enforcement components to help ensure that computers on a network meet administrator-defined requirements for system health. With NAP, you can use a combination of policy validation and network isolation components to control network access, and temporarily isolate computers to a more secure network segment if they do not meet system health requirements. We provide an overview of the NAP architecture and requirements, demonstrate NAP using Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enforcement, and drill down to the NAP components. In the NAP demonstration, we review the NAP client configuration, describe the Health Registration Authority configuration, and examine how you can use the Network Policy Server (NPS) to develop system health policies for your network.

Presenter: Gene Ferioli, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Gene Ferioli has worked at Microsoft for nine years and is currently a program manager on the Windows Server Customer Advisory (WINCAT) team. Gene specializes in network and host security, Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), communication protocols, Active Directory and network design, and information security policies and processes. Gene has worked with large enterprise customers (50,000 seats or more) around the United States conducting security assessments and risk analyses, deploying technologies for prevention and detection, and designing highly-available network architectures.

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