Microsoft Office System Webcast: A First Look at Office Visio 2007 (Level 100)
Event ID: 1032305755
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Visio.
Audience(s): Additional Information Worker.
This webcast provides you with an overview of the exciting new features and enhancements in Microsoft Office Visio 2007. Join us as we help make any Visio 2007 user more productive as they create the drawings and diagrams that are critical to their business. We show you how to save time, improve quality, and communicate more effectively using Visio 2007 drawings. Many of the tips we provide are little known or undocumented features as well as keyboard shortcuts that should make you say, “Wow… I wish knew that sooner!”.

Presenter: Brett Newman, Managing Director, Visimation Inc.

Brett Newman is the founder and managing director of Visimation, Inc., a company that focuses on services related to Microsoft Office Visio, including training, consulting, and custom application development. Brett has a professional degree in architectural design and has practiced as a licensed architect in New York City. In 1997, Brett launched Visimation to support Visio Corporation’s expanding customer base and to create sophisticated business and technical solutions based on Visio.

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