MSDN Webcast: Introducing Notification Services in SQL Server 2005—Level 200
Event ID: 1032263436
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft SQL Server.
Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.
Notification Services was added to SQL Server 2000 in August of 2002 as a platform for developing and deploying highly scalable notification applications which utilized the power of SQL Server 2000 and the Microsoft .NET Framework. With the release of SQL Server 2005 there have been a number of enhancements made to Notification Services. In this web cast you will learn about notification applications and how Notification Services in SQL Server 2005 can make it easier for you to build and deploy these applications.

Presenter:  Tete Mensa-Annan, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation


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Duration: 58 minute(s)
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