TechNet Webcast: Server Consolidation with SQL Server (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: Server Consolidation with SQL Server (Level 300)
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Microsoft SQL Server supports multiple options for server consolidation, providing organizations with the flexibility to choose the consolidation approach that best meets their requirements in order to centralize data services management and reduce hardware and maintenance costs. By providing centralized management, auditing, and monitoring capabilities, SQL Server makes it easy for you to manage multiple databases and data services, significantly reducing administrative overheads in large enterprises. SQL Server can provide you with the reassurance of industry-leading performance and scalability, and unprecedented control over server resource utilization to maximize the performance of your consolidated data services. Join this webcast to find out more about the various options for server consolidation with SQL Server, and best practices to get the most out of your environment.

Presenters: Prem Mehra, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation, and Mike Ruthruff, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Prem Mehra is a program manager with Microsoft in the Microsoft SQL Server Development Organization. His expertise is in developing architectural solutions, which exploit technologies such as relational databases, transaction and message servers, and connectivity products.Prior to joining Microsoft, Prem was an associate partner at Andersen Consulting and a senior consultant at IBM. He has more than 37 years of experience in the IT industry, and has helped implement leading-edge applications at many of the top Fortune 100 companies.

Mike Ruthruff has worked in the Microsoft SQL Server product group for the past five yearsmost recently as a program manager on the Customer and Partner Team. Mike focuses on healthcare partners who build applications on SQL Server. He specializes in scalability and performance of the relational engine with emphasis on input/output (I/O) performance. Prior to this role, Mike managed the SQL Server Customer Lab program consulting with customers on variety of SQL Server applications.

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