TechNet Webcast: Achieving Higher Scalability with SQL Server on Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition (Level 300)
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Product(s): Windows Server.
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In this webcast, we focus on planning, implementing, and administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 failover cluster on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition. To ease the upgrade process for existing users of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 failover clustering, we also point out the differences between a SQL Server 2005 failover cluster and a SQL Server 2000 failover cluster.

Presenter: Jaime Basilico, Technology Architect, Microsoft Corporation, and Mike Shelton, Senior Product Technology Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

Jaime Basilico has been involved with the information systems field for the past 17 years, covering data modeling, database administration, and data warehousing concepts. Since joining Microsoft in 1999, Jaime has worked as a database technical specialist for Microsoft, specializing in Microsoft SQL Server Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and business intelligence (BI) technologies. Jaime is a MCDBA, MCSE, and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).

Mike Shelton is a database technology specialist at Microsoft, where his responsibilities include helping customers understand the technologies included with Microsoft SQL Server. Mike has performed SQL Server training sessions, deep-dive technical presentations, product overview presentations, strategy briefing sessions, architectural design sessions, and proof-of-concept sessions. He has also presented to the SQL Server user groups in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana many times. Prior to joining Microsoft four years ago, Mike was a senior database administrator with a financial institution in Chicago. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Illinois State University.

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