TechNet Webcast: Under-the-Hood Extensions in Windows PowerShell (Level 200)
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In this webcast, we explore how Windows PowerShell makes use of the powerful and flexible Microsoft .NET Framework to handle data, giving you hundreds of built-in functions for managing strings, dates, and other types of data. But did you know that you can extend these functions using Windows PowerShell scripts? We show you how to make string variables that contain not only a computer name, but can also tell you if that computer is up and running or not. Learn how to create date and time variables that can automatically format their data without the use of external functions. Join this session to see how to build all kinds of new functionality into Windows PowerShell in just minutes, making Windows administration faster and easier.

Presenter: Don Jones, Scripting Guru, Author, SAPIEN Technology, and Jeffery Hicks, Scripting Guru and Author, SAPIEN Technology

Don Jones is the founder of, a site dedicated to improving Windows administration through scripting and automation. Don is the first on-staff scripting guru at SAPIEN Technology. He has been helping Windows administrators create automation solutions since 2003 and is the author of a half-dozen books on scripting and automation technologies. Don and Jeffery Hicks are coauthors of Windows PowerShell: TFM (SAPIEN Press, 2006), the definitive manual to using Windows PowerShell to make Windows administration easier and more effective.

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