TechNet Webcast: Functions, Filters, and Efficiency in Windows PowerShell (Level 200)
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Join this webcast to learn how to create effective and modularized code in Windows PowerShell functions and filters. We explore the robust scoping rules in Windows PowerShell that enable you to fully encapsulate functions and filters and explain how you can easily reuse these functions and filters across projects. We also demonstrate how you can add your own custom functions into the global scope in Windows PowerShell, which makes it easy to assemble a library of useful utility functions available at your fingertips. Attend this presentation to receive several useful administrative functions that help you get your library started.

Presenter: Don Jones, Scripting Guru, Author, SAPIEN Technology

Don Jones is the founder of, a site dedicated to improving Windows administration through scripting and automation. Don is the first on-staff scripting guru at SAPIEN Technology. He has been helping Windows administrators create automation solutions since 2003 and is the author of a half-dozen books on scripting and automation technologies. Don and Jeffery Hicks are coauthors of Windows PowerShell: TFM (SAPIEN Press, 2006), the definitive manual to using Windows PowerShell to make Windows administration easier and more effective.

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Duration: 50 minute(s)
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