Microsoft Webcast: Microsoft Vision and Strategy for Identity and Access Management
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Product(s): Windows Server.
Audience(s): IT Decision Maker.
Identity and access management in connected systems is more than a technical concern—it is becoming a top business issue as well. Organizations are looking to reduce security risks, decrease operational costs, satisfy regulatory requirements, and deepen their electronic relationships with customers and partners. Join us to learn more about the Microsoft vision for identity and access management technology, including the evolution of the Active Directory directory service, Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS), Windows CardSpace, and Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM).

Presenter: Peter Houston, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation

Peter Houston is the senior director of identity and access management in the Microsoft Server and Tools division. When Peter joined Microsoft 10 years ago, he was the first group product manager for the Active Directory directory service, taking Active Directory through the launch of Microsoft Windows 2000. After the launch, Peter moved to the engineering organization, where he was instrumental in ensuring Active Directory in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was easier for customers to deploy, use, and manage. Peter’s other roles at Microsoft included working on life-cycle projects at the Windows Sustained Engineering organization and leading the Microsoft Linux strategy efforts.

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