MSDN Webcast: An Introduction to the .NET Micro Framework (Level 200)
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The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is an environment that extends the advantages of Microsoft .NET and the toolset in the Microsoft Visual Studio development system into a class of smaller, less expensive, and more resource-constrained devices than have been possible with previous Microsoft embedded offerings. Several Microsoft products use the .NET Micro Framework already, including MSN Direct watches, Microsoft TV Foundation Edition, and Windows Vista SideShow. Since Microsoft made the .NET Micro Framework commercially available, a number of partners have signed up and are actively creating products based on the .NET Micro Framework. In this webcast, we describe how the .NET Micro Framework brings managed code to smaller devices and includes a number of additional features and extensions intended specifically for more of these small, embedded devices. Discover how the integration of the .NET Micro Framework with Visual Studio supports emulation on the computer, in addition to building, deploying, and debugging on the device from within the integrated development environment (IDE). Learn how the .NET Micro Framework also supports UI development with a graphics model inspired by the Windows Presentation Foundation—all of this with a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and a low-end 32-bit processor. Join this session to find out more about the .NET Micro Framework and the products built on it that will be available in the coming months.

Presenters: Jonathan Kagle, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation and Lorenzo Tessiore, Software Development Lead, .NET Micro Framework, Microsoft Corporation

Jonathan Kagle is a senior program manager for the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. A longtime Microsoft employee, Jonathan has worked on a variety of products, including the Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows for Smart Cards, Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Windows 98, and Microsoft Visual C++. He has also spoken at a number of developer-focused events and contributed articles and content to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

Lorenzo Tessiore is the software development lead for the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework team. Lorenzo launched his career as a network engineer with what is now Vodafone, the largest mobile telephony provider in Italy. After a short time with the speech recognition and natural language division at the University of Hamburg in Germany, he joined Microsoft as a software design engineer in the Windows division. He later moved to the .NET Micro Framework team, which allows him to bridge his passion for hardware, software, and embedded application programming. Lorenzo holds a master’s degree in electronic engineering from the Politecnico di Torino.

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