Microsoft Webcast: How Microsoft Maximizes Its IT Investment Through Infrastructure Optimization
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As a company grows, its information technology infrastructure must also grow, typically becoming more complex, more costly to maintain, and subject to continually increasing demands. Often, the IT infrastructure does not align well with strategic business needs, making it difficult for the organization to realize the full value of its technology investments. In this webcast, see how Microsoft applies the concept of infrastructure optimization to strategically and systematically move its capabilities from a reactive mode to a more mature proactive approach.

Presenter: Victor Bahna, Sr. Director Windows Infrastructure and Edge Services; Microsoft IT, Microsoft Corporation, and Samm DiStasio, Director, Infrastructure Optimization Strategy, Microsoft Corporation

Victor Bahna is a senior director for Microsoft IT, leading internal efforts around Windows infrastructure and edge services such as remote access, terminal services, Internet proxy, IPsec, IPv6, and Domain Name Services (DNSs). Victor’s team also leads and manages the internal deployment for new Microsoft technologies associated with Microsoft Windows Server code-named “Longhorn.” Before coming to Microsoft, he worked at Unilever in New York City, New York. Victor holds a bachelor of science degree in applied mathematics and statistics, and a master of business administration specializing in finance.

Samm DiStasio is the director of infrastructure optimization strategy in the Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft, and an industry veteran of more than 18 years. He helps customers realize the potential of their IT infrastructure using Microsoft products and guidance through an Infrastructure Optimization Model-based approach. Previously Samm was involved in Microsoft Windows Server marketing and product planning. Before joining Microsoft, Samm worked for a startup company in the high-performance computing industry.

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