MSDN Webcast: Digital Blackbelt Series: Developer Security Principals and Guidelines (Level 200)
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It is important to realize the different types of security attacks you might encounter.  This session will begin by categorizing Attack Types, explaining how they work, what they do, and give a real-world example. Several different profiles of the various types of Mal-Techs will be shown - so you can know exactly who you are up against. Then we will close by comparing Rich Client, Web Client, and Web Service applications and modeling the functional areas of security concern. 

Presenter: Joe Stagner, Developer Community Champion, Microsoft Corporation

Joe Stagner joined Microsoft in 2001 as a Technical Evangelist and is now a Developer Community Champion with the Microsoft MSDN Team. His development experiences have afforded him the opportunity to create commercial software applications across a wide diversity of technical platforms from Mainframes, through UNIX and Linux, to Microsoft Technologies on the Intel and Mobile computing platforms. In recent years, Joe has been focused on Highly-Performant, Geoscalable, Web application architectures, multi-platform interoperability, and writing secure code.

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