MSDN Architecture Webcast: Governance and Compliance in Service-Oriented Solutions—Level 200
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Myriad regulatory compliance challenges such as the Sarbanes-Oxley act, HIPAA, the Basel II accords, and the USA PATRIOT act now face enterprises around the world. As agencies and legislation introduces new information capture and reporting requirements, organizations must retrofit their business processes to comply. Because of the complexity of modifying existing business solutions, compliance can be costly to implement and execute. This webcast will examine the Compliance Architectural Theme as a means of developing a conceptual and logical architecture for modeling, capturing, communicating, and mining compliance metadata in a service-oriented enterprise technology portfolio.


Presenter: John Evdemon, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation


John Evdemon has been designing and deploying enterprise systems for nearly two decades.  John is currently developing/evangelizing Business Architectures and Standards for the Public Sector as a member of the DP&E Architecture Strategy Team.  John also serves as Co-Chair of the BPEL4WS (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) standard.


Prior to joining Microsoft John was CTO for a successful XML-based e-business start-up and Director of XML/Web Services for a large integration vendor.  John has designed and delivered XML-based solutions for companies like JP Morgan, Visa and General Motors. John is a member of both IEEE and ACM and with a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Security.


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