Microsoft Office System Webcast: Tips for Reducing Your Inbox from Thousands to Just a Few Emails—Level 100
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Many people wind up with hundreds and sometimes thousands of email messages in their inbox because they do not make a decision on what to do with each message. Join this informative webcast to learn about McGhee Productivity Solutions' decision making model that enables you to make a decision on each and every email. The Four Ds for Decision Making is an effective model to assist you in processing and organizing your email, separating the reference information and the action information. The result of this process is a centrally located list of action items, reference information in the appropriate folders and an empty inbox every day.

Presenters: Sally McGhee and John Wittry, Consultant, McGhee Productivity Solutions

John Wittry consults directly with our clients to assess their productivity needs and delivers a customized solution. He has successfully managed people in a variety of industries, including medical research, the pharmaceutical industry and, most recently, as General Manager of a design and marketing firm. John brings 12 years of experience to the challenges his clients face in managing diverse teams, competing priorities and aggressive timelines. His own career course has resulted in a passion for helping develop leaders who enjoy a balance between their professional and personal objectives.

Sally McGhee is recognized as a thought leader in the field of corporate productivity management with McGhee Productivity Solutions. She brings 25 years of expertise to her clients' challenges, including insights gained as a managing partner of productivity firms in Europe and the United States. The programs she has developed and implemented for Fortune 1000 firms have produced lasting results, as evidenced by her enduring relationships with those organizations. An author as well as an innovator in the productivity arena, Sally launched McGhee Productivity Solutions in 1996. Her new book, "Take Back Your Life! Using Microsoft Outlook to Get Organized and Stay Organized" was published by Microsoft Press® in September, 2004.

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