TechNet Webcast: Group Policy Fundamentals (Part 09 of 14): From Basic to Advanced: Security (Level 200)
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In this session we consider the important subject of security as it relates to Group Policy, beginning with a discussion of security boundaries and GPO, and an illustration of the basic lockdown techniques for the two default GPO’s (Default Domain, Default Domain Controller). We will also highlight other key security topics such as how to use GPOs to enable auditing, Restricted Groups and Restricted Group Policy, Software Restriction Policy, and SFR rules.

Presenter: Matt Hester, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

Matt Hester is a TechNet Presenter on the Microsoft® Seminar Sales Team (SST). Prior to joining the SST Matt was a Messaging and Collaboration Technology Specialist. Matt has several years' experience with Microsoft core infrastructures products (Windows®, Active Directory®, Exchange…etc.) and is a Microsoft® Exchange Server Insider. He has additional expertise in the business value of technology including using Meta and Gartner tools. Prior to joining Microsoft, Matt taught MSCE curricula at MCT for over 8 years.

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