TechNet Webcast: Server Message Block 2.0 in Action (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: Server Message Block 2.0 in Action (Level 300)
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제품: Microsoft Windows Server.
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How fast is the Server Message Block (SMB) version 2.0 protocol? Some claim it is up to 40 times faster than SMB 1.x, others say SMB 2 is actually slower than SMB 1 or requires various registry tweaks to match the performance of SMB 1. Actually, all three of the statements are correct under specific circumstances. In this webcast, we look at what the new SMB 2 protocol does, how its performance is influenced by the new TCP/IP stack, and how other network parameters like Jumbo Frames contribute to overall network performance. Using a network emulation tool, we experiment and explore the behavior of the Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems when confronted with changing network conditions.

Presenters: Ralf Schnell, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation, and Jim Pinkerton, Principal Architect, Microsoft Corporation

Ralf Schnell is an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service manager and technical evangelist at Microsoft where he has worked since 1998. His areas of expertise are Windows Server, virtualization technologies, and processes like ITIL and the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). Prior to joining Microsoft, Ralf worked as a professional pianist and piano teacher.

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