Momentum Webcast: Are You Ready for Virtualization? (Level 200)
Momentum Webcast: Are You Ready for Virtualization? (Level 200)
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언어: 영어.
제품: Windows Server 2008.
대상 고객: IT 의사 결정자.

Analysts  predict that almost half of all servers in very large businesses will be virtualized by 2010. But mid-sized business have been slower to embrace virtualization, in spite of processor utilization at under 15 percent and fractional utilization of memory and disk resources. But changes in hardware and software offerings are making virtualization easier and cheaper to implement. In this webcast, we explore the changes in the virtualization market that are making virtualization in the x86 more relevant to the data center in mid-sized company infrastructures. We review a number of topics, including hardware-integrated hypervisors, easier consolidation planning, energy-saving benefits, and lower priced solutions. 

Presenter: Doug Strain, HP Manager for Virtualization Software Marketing, HP

For the past two years, Doug Strain has been leading a marketing team responsible for the HP x86 server virtualization business, which is part of the HP Industry Standard Sever business unit. In the nearly 20 years that Doug has been at HP and Compaq, he has been involved in server computing, from the industry's first x86 server, the Compaq SystemPro, to the latest multi-core servers. He joined the company to manage alliances with third-party hardware and software developers. He has also managed programs for server resellers, been a regional product manager for ProLiant servers, and helped to launch the x86 server software business.
Prior to HP/Compaq, Doug worked in a small startup and as a value-added reseller. Doug earned his bachelor's of science degree in electrical engineering from Rice University, and received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Houston.

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