TechNet Webcast: Windows Server 2008 File and Storage Solutions (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: Windows Server 2008 File and Storage Solutions (Level 300)
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Prodotto/i: Microsoft Windows Server e Windows Server 2008.
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Windows Server 2008 contains many changes to core file services components that increase availability, scalability, and performance. Some of these components are new others have been significantly enhanced. In this webcast, we cover some of the main file and storage features in Windows Server 2008, including Server Message Block 2 (SMB2), Distributed File System (DFS), Network File System (NFS), Offline Files, Storage Explorer, Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Virtual Disk Service (VDS), Share and Storage Management, and File Server Resource Manager (FSRM). We also outline some of the upcoming enhancements in Windows Server 2008 R2. Join us for a Windows Server 2008 file and storage deep dive in a webcast full of technical insight.

Presenter: Jose Barreto, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Jose Barreto is a senior technical evangelist with the Microsoft Storage Solutions Division, and he has been with Microsoft since 2002. He earned a degree in computer science at the Universidade Federal do Ceara in Brazil, and Jose holds several industry certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), MCTS, MCT, and many other Microsoft certifications. He also keeps an active blog at  

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