Logo Categories for the Windows Logo Program for Hardware
Logo Categories for the Windows Logo Program for Hardware
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Product(s): Windows.
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The Windows Logo Program for Hardware categorizes devices and systems. These categories can be confusing when designing devices that don’t cleanly fit into a category or span multiple categories. For example, if you create a digital picture frame that has wireless networking and SD card slots, what category does that device fit into? Does it span multiple categories? Do I run one set of tests, several sets, or all of them?

In this video, Alice Steinglass and Paul Reed from the logo team discuss this topic and provide some clarification around device categorization and test requirements. In addition, Alice shows a number of devices from her collection and discusses the logo category considerations for each. Paul and Alice also discuss how to get personalized help and advice when you need it.

Presenters: Alice Steinglass and Paul Reed, Microsoft

Alice and Paul are both members of the Windows Logo Program for Hardware team at Microsoft.


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