Windows Logo Program Debugger Tool
Windows Logo Program Debugger Tool
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Windows.
Audience(s): Marketing - Partners.

The Debugging Tools for Windows package is essential for diagnosing problems that are encountered during logo testing. This Webcast will help you select the appropriate debugger transport, show you how to initiate the selected transport, explain and demonstrate how to establish symbol and source paths, demonstrate how to load and analyze crash dump files, and explain several of the basic commands you need to know when using the Windows debugging tools.

Presenter: Bryce Jonasson, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Bryce leads the teams of the Debugging Tools for Windows, Application Verifier, and Driver Verifier.   As a long-time developer at Microsoft, he has played many roles in the creation of DOS, Windows 3.x, Window 9x, and all the various flavors of Windows NT.  Having spent more than ten years in the Microsoft Hardware group, he has a passion for development, drivers, and a deterministic ecosystem.  When not assisting internal and external Windows developers, Bryce can often be found assisting independent game developers.

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