Windows Logo Program Certification Process
Windows Logo Program Certification Process
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Product(s): Windows.
Audience(s): Marketing - Partners.

To get the Windows logo for hardware you must test your product and submit the results of those tests to Microsoft. This webcast explains this Windows logo submission process, starting with how to set up a Winqual account, how to use the Winqual Submission Tool (WST), and the tools available to support your product after it has qualified for the logo. This webcast also provides an overview of the Windows logo testing process, including how to use the Windows Logo Kit (WLK) and apply errata filters.
We recommend that you watch this webcast if you are new to the logo program and need to understand the Windows logo submission process.

Presenter: Craig Rowland, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Craig Rowland was part of the Windows Kits team for Vista and shortly after Vista RTM lead the creation of the Windows Logo Kit (WLK). With the WLK team now combined with Online Data Services Craig has taken responsibility for the Logo System, which includes LogoPoint, the WLK, the Windows Submission Tool and Winqual Submission Center and other tools. While continuing to influence the strategic direction of the Logo System Craig is also looking at opportunities to expand the scope and impact of the Winqual platform to serve new personas, deliver new experiences for partners and create new value for the Window hardware ecosystem.

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