TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft does IT: Improving the Sustainability and Use of SQL Server at Microsoft (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft does IT: Improving the Sustainability and Use of SQL Server at Microsoft (Level 300)
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Product(s): Microsoft SQL Server.
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With more than 5,000 Microsoft® SQL Server® instances in production, Microsoft Information Technology (MS IT) sought to reduce operational and capital expenses through server consolidation. The SQL Platform Engineering team has designed and deployed a virtualized SQL Server environment that allows MSIT to optimize computing resources and drive operating and capital expenses down while improving manageability, quality of service and contributing to environmental sustainability.  Join us for this webcast to learn about the architectural decisions, technical details and best practices of running a production SQL Server environment on Hyper-V.
Presenter: Mark Pohto, Microsoft IT Senior Systems Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

Mark Pohto is a senior systems engineer in Microsoft IT. Mark has a strong passion for leadership and database technologies. He joined the Platform Services team in 1999. Mark has worked as a senior DBA in the Database Operations Group and managed the application monitoring team. He has developed and published automation tools used for database administration, and has contributed to the books SQL Server 2000 High Availability and Pro SQL Server 2005 High Availability by Allan Hirt. As group manager for the Microsoft SQL Server Center of Excellence, Mark managed the team that developed SQL Server solutions such as the Risk Assessment Program and Service Level Monitoring, and the SQL Server Microsoft Certified Architect program. He has taught architecture in programs for Exchange Server, Windows Server and SQL Server. Mark now leads a SQL Server consolidation project within Microsoft IT.

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