TechNet Webcast:  What is Thrive? (Level 100)
TechNet Webcast: What is Thrive? (Level 100)
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Looking at the issues, challenges, and industry from an IT Pro perspective, Thrive provides resources and pragmatic guidance to enable IT Pros to thrive in these challenging times. Thrive focuses on three pillars:

Career Care

·         Anticipate and manage career change with guidance from career experts and IT leaders

·         Connect with communities and peers to expand  your network

Technical Competency

·         Save money and time with Microsoft technologies you already own

·         Enhance your technical skills to get ahead of the curve

Business and IT Alignment

·         Be a more effective advocate for you and your team

·         Align IT goals with your company’s business objectives

Presenters :  Lilyn Chang, Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Karen Forster, Director of Platform Vision, Advaiya, and Kevin Remde, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

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