MSDN Webcast: Web Performance Testing with Fiddler and neXpert (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Web Performance Testing with Fiddler and neXpert (Level 200)
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Join this webcast to learn how to properly performance test Web applications using Fiddler and the new performance add-on neXpert. The Microsoft ACE Performance Team developed the neXpert tool to help testers find performance issues immediately. The neXpert tool not only shows the issues and solutions but how the Web page should perform once the issues are resolved. All of this can be done within minutes using Fiddler and neXpert. You do not need to know how to use Fiddler before attending this webcast since there will be a quick tutorial at the start.

The neXpert add-on can be downloaded at  and the neXpert blog can be found at

Presenter: Eric Mattingly, Performance Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

Eric Mattingly is a performance engineer in the Microsoft IT ACE Performance team, which focuses on Web application and SQL layers in order to identify and eliminate root-cause performance bottlenecks issues for Microsoft internal customers. The Ace Performance team also teaches developers the skills and techniques needed to produce reliable systems based on Microsoft IT's internal process and best practices.

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