TechNet Webcast: Deploying Windows Vista in Your Organization with Confidence (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: Deploying Windows Vista in Your Organization with Confidence (Level 300)
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Windows and Windows Vista.
Audience(s): IT Implem_IT Generalist.

In this webcast, we explore how to automate the deployment of the Windows Vista operating system for small-, medium-, and large-scale deployment scenarios. We look at applications that help IT professionals assess existing resources before deploying Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) such as Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator and Microsoft System Center Essentials. We also discuss using the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0, which helps ensure the seamless deployment of productivity applications on Windows Vista, and the User State Migration tool to migrate existing operating system settings. During the webcast, we walk you through Windows Vista deployment scenarios for different sized organizations so you can see which deployment technology is appropriate for your situation. For small organizations, we deploy Windows Vista SP1 using Windows Deployment Services, Windows Update, and the Windows Automated Installation Kit. For mid-sized businesses, we deploy Windows Vista SP1 to existing Windows Vista computers using System Center Essentials, and we use the Windows Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 to provision new computers for Windows Vista SP1. We use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager in the large-scale deployment scenario, and Windows Server Update Services for updating Windows Vista clients to Windows Vista SP1.

Presenter: Kevin Remde, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

A prolific blogger, Kevin Remde shares his thoughts, ideas, and tips on the TechNet Events Bloggers Web site and the IT Professional Community Web site. As a webcast presenter, he has landed on the Microsoft top 10 webcast list several times. Kevin has worked as both a developer and an IT professional, so he loves sharing helpful new solutions and technologies with his IT peers. At Microsoft, Kevin relishes the opportunity to generate fresh ideas and run with them. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Minnesota (go Gophers!), where he also studied music theory and composition.

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