TechNet Webcast: AMD-V and Microsoft Virtual Server (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: AMD-V and Microsoft Virtual Server (Level 300)
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Server virtualization solutions are increasingly being deployed to significantly reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and take better advantage of the high-processing power of current processors. IT departments are facing increasing challenges in maintaining a computing infrastructure that stays within power, cooling, and space constraints. Other challenges include providing well-managed and secure server operations. Server processor utilization rates of less than five percent are not uncommon. In this webcast, we discuss how AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) and Microsoft Virtual Server work together to enable servers to reach higher levels of efficiency and utilization. We also discuss how you can increase security and hide the complexity of hardware infrastructures to help simplify management.

Presenters: Tony Bailey, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation, and Tim Mueting, Product Manager, AMD

Tim Mueting is responsible for the AMD virtualization strategy, particularly as it relates to hardware-assisted virtualization and the use of these new hardware extensions by the industry-leading virtualization software solutions. Tim works extensively with AMD technology partners and the virtualization ecosystem in general to ensure optimal implementation of these new hardware extensions. Tim has more than 20 years of experience in delivering and marketing large-scale enterprise software solutions. Prior to joining AMD, he was responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the Enterprise Database Tools and Utilities line of products at BMC Software.

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