MSDN Webcast: Introducing LINQ to DataSet (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Introducing LINQ to DataSet (Level 200)
Event ID: 1032337304
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft SQL Server.
Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.

Join this session as we explore how new technologies within Microsoft Visual Studio code name "Orcas" make working with data a better experience. One such technology is Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ), code name for a set of extensions to the Microsoft .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated data query, set, and transform operations. We explore how LINQ to DataSet enables you to take advantage of the power of LINQ in your DataSet-based applications. We also demonstrate how using LINQ to DataSet can help you improve the performance and reliability of your existing code and use this exciting new functionality.

Presenter: Erick Thompson, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

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