MSDN Webcast: Using IIS 6.0 Tracing to Effectively Diagnose Web Server Problems—Level 200
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Audience(s): IT Implem_IT Generalist and Pro Dev/Programmer.

Can't figure out what's going on with your Web server and why things aren't working the way you expect them to? Come learn how you can take advantage of the new tracing and auditing features added to Windows Server™ 2003 SP1 by the Internet Information Server (IIS) team. These features will help you diagnose why requests are hanging, what causes worker processes to crash, and who exactly is making changes in the metabase - all without having to take process dumps and use debuggers!

Presenter:  Eric Deily, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft  Corporation

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Duration: 1 hour(s) 32 minute(s)
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