Microsoft Business Development 60 minute Webinar (Free)
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Hear from 3 Microsoft Business Development professionals about a day in the life at MICROSOFT.

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Dianne O'Brien

Senior Sr. Director, Windows Azure Business Development, Microsoft

  • Dianne holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of San Diego. She lives with her husband on Whidbey Island near Seattle, and enjoys fishing and watching baseball.
  • Dianne O’Brien is Microsoft Corporation’s Senior Director of Business Development for Cloud & Enterprise.
  • In this role Dianne is responsible for developing the Cloud & Enterprise business development strategy for commercial deals that fill key technology or business gaps that will help accelerate the C&E business growth, with a particular focus on realizing our Cloud OS vision and Microsoft Azure.
  • Prior to moving into Business Development for C&E, Dianne was a part of the Microsoft Azure business team, joining as its third member in 2008 as the Senior Director for Business Planning and Operations, responsible for all long term business planning, offer and channel strategy, business desk, and performance management before moving to her current role.
  • During her fifteen year Microsoft tenure she has held senior leadership positions in the corporate planning and finance functions including leading the Global R&D finance team and serving as IT Controller.
  • Prior to joining Microsoft, Dianne owned a private CPA practice, and was the Assistant General Manager of a public utility service in San Diego County where she was responsible for the implementation of several major technology initiatives.

Wisam Hirzalla
Senior Business Development and Strategy, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

  • Undergrad degree in finance and accounting, moved to New York and worked in investment banking for 4 years doing mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and corporate finance advisory
  • Went to business school at Harvard and then moved back to New York to work on bankruptcies and other corporate restructurings during the recession
  • Relocated to Seattle after husband got a job at Amazon and started at Microsoft in LCA in the intellectual property and licensing team working on patent licensing, patent acquisitions and patent equity investments. Essentially corporate development for the patent portfolio
  • Did that for two years and then joined the business development organization focusing on Cloud and Enterprise
  • Loves to read – recently read Arianna Huffington’s Thrive and really enjoyed it. Also really enjoy sampling but not committing to the latest exercise trend (ballet barre workouts, kettlebells, etc)

Rich Wickham
General Manager Business Development Product & Marketing, Windows Apps

  • Undergrad degree economics on an AF scholarship
  • Went to law school out of college then served in the AF for 4 years in Colorado Springs and San Antonio
  • Left USAF to join a DC law firm doing tech-based contracts and litigation, then worked for a US law firm in London doing privatization work in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Bulgaria)
  • Started at Microsoft in Windows business development, worked on business development in graphics and gaming, MGS, Halo studios
  • Spent last 4 years managing the partner team in Dynamics
  • Came back to Windows Business development in December to help rebuild the team and do inbound licensing, acquisitions and commercial deals for PC/tablet/phone, IOT and Xbox
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