On Demand Webcast: Transforming Retail Financial Services with Devices and Services
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Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Azure and Windows Server.
Audience(s): IT Decision Maker, Non-Tech Influencing BDM and Tech Influencing BDM.
 Webcast: Transforming Retail Financial Services with Devices and Services

Join us for an Exclusive Webcast on how Microsoft Technologies are Transforming Retail Financial Services.

On this webcast you will experience how a devices and services strategy can help create rich, mobile, in branch experiences that work well in the new, open space, non-traditional bank floor plans.  These new floor plans are focused on delivering what the branch does best, which is selling high profit products and deepening relationships with customers.  A new collaborative way of selling breaks down barriers to the sales process to engage customers directly into solution creation, product mix and what-if scenarios.

See how a custom built Windows 8.1 application can be used on many different devices while leveraging a host of cloud services like Dynamics CRM, Azure and advanced collaboration technology to provide a rich experience for bank/brokerage employees and their customers.

See a demo, which will take you through a branch greeter experience of engaging customers as they enter the branch to a meeting with the institute’s relationship manager. This will include scheduling and coordinating calendars by the greeter with the customer on-half of the relationship manager,, reviewing the customer’s investment portfolio and signing up for a new service that will continue the experience for the customer in the online channel with advanced services provided by the cloud.


Colleen Healy
General Manager, Financial Services

Marley Gray
Director Tech Strategy, Financial Services


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Duration: 45 minute(s)
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