MSDN Webcast: Security Talk: Security Best Practices for Design and Deployment on Windows Azure (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Security Talk: Security Best Practices for Design and Deployment on Windows Azure (Level 200)
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Developing secure applications and services in the cloud requires knowledge of the threat landscape specific to the cloud provider. The key is understanding threat mitigations implemented by the cloud architecture versus those that are the responsibility of the developer. Join us for this exciting webcast to learn about the threats that are specific to the cloud and how the Windows Azure architecture deals with these threats. We also cover how to use built-in Windows Azure security features to protect your applications, and how to design services to minimize attack surface.

Presenter: Andrew Marshall, Senior Security Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Andrew Marshall is a senior security program manager at the Microsoft Security Engineering Center (MSEC). A critical part of the MSEC charter is to improve the software development process at Microsoft to reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities in Microsoft products; this is achieved through a set of constantly evolving software development process improvements called the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).
Since joining Microsoft in 2000, Andrew has enjoyed working in a variety of security roles, including time in the Windows Core Networking and Antipiracy/Software Licensing divisions. For the past two years at the MSEC, Andrew has worked with the development teams of Windows Azure, Microsoft Forefront, and acquisitions in the Health Solutions Group to protect Microsoft customers and brand by helping the teams navigate the SDL, raising the effective security bar of each new release of the products.

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