TechNet Webcast: Security Talk: Regulatory and Standards Management in Compliance Mapper (Level 200)
TechNet Webcast: Security Talk: Regulatory and Standards Management in Compliance Mapper (Level 200)
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Application architecture and governance of laws and regulations for compliance and security are converging like never before. Since a single audit finding or open vulnerability can kill an application launch or drive costs up through remediation, it is critical to have a source of truth that is in line with global standards and best practices for secure software development purposes.

Consult2Comply (C2C) has created a flexible, dynamic open platform called Compliance Mapper to map regulatory content and assess, report on, and improve application security design.  The entire Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) document is nested within this platform.  The SDL can be mapped to NIST, CobIT, ISO, or any other regulatory or best practice framework needed to write secure, compliant code.  What is critical is that Compliance Mapper maintains up-to-date content over time.  As the content of standards like PCI, HIPAA, Hitech change, your design requirements need to address to those changes.  You can continuously map and update the regulatory and standards content with Compliance Mapper.   

In this webcast, Steve Crutchley demonstrates how the Compliance Mapper platform speeds design of secure applications and can be used to map specific aspects of design requirements to legal, regulatory, and best practices content.

Presenter: Steve Crutchley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Consult2Comply, a consulting member of the Microsoft SDL Pro Network

Steve Crutchley, founder and chief executive officer of Consult2Comply, is a recognized leader and foremost authority in the field of compliance, risk, and governance. With more than 25 years experience in business protection, combined with an extensive knowledge of the industrial, commercial, government, and financial areas, Steve has dedicated his career to be highly focused on risk, governance, compliance, information security, and information assurance.

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