Microsoft Office System Webcast:  Effective Delegation (Level  100)
Microsoft Office System Webcast: Effective Delegation (Level 100)
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Product(s): 2007 Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Office system.
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In today's economic and business environment, we are increasing forced to get things done with the help of other people. To do more with less, you need effective delegation and a systematic way to follow up on delegated items. In this webcast, we review some key concepts that can help you delegate action items better. We also share a systematic methodology for following up on action items with your internal and external contacts. Join us to learn how to get more done without losing track of things using some under-used functions in Microsoft Office Outlook and a simple process.

Presenter: John Wittry, Partner and Executive Consultant, McGhee Productivity Solutions

John Wittry is a partner and executive consultant at McGhee Productivity Solutions, a consulting services provider to many Fortune 500 companies. John works directly with executive-level clients to drive organizational and individual alignment and create clear focus while operating at higher levels of integrity and accountability. John has held senior management positions in a variety of industries, including medical research, the pharmaceutical industry, and the design/marketing industry. Throughout his career, he has faced many of the same challenges his clients and listeners do: managing diverse teams with competing priorities and aggressive timelines. His passion lies in helping leaders develop and maintain an effective balance between their professional and personal objectives.

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