TechNet Webcast: Accelerating Windows 7 Migration with Citrix and Desktop Virtualization (Level 200)
TechNet Webcast: Accelerating Windows 7 Migration with Citrix and Desktop Virtualization (Level 200)
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Carefully designing infrastructure architecture is key to a successful desktop virtualization implementation. Virtualizing a user's physical desktop and migrating the image into the data center provides a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, but a VDI solution requires different management, maintenance, and support than a local desktop to meet the needs of the users. Citrix and Microsoft have joined together to provide customers with the fastest way to deliver desktops and applications on demand, helping customers realize the benefits of increased efficiency and simplified IT management.

In this webcast, we discuss core design considerations to accelerate a Windows 7 operating system migration with Citrix and Microsoft virtualization solutions.

Presenters: Dan Feller, Lead Architect, Citrix, Robin Brandl, Principle Business Development Manager, Citrix and Michael Cooper, Senior Product Manager - Virtualization, Microsoft Corporation

Dan Feller is a Lead Architect of Worldwide Consulting Solutions for Citrix, is responsible for providing enterprise-level architectures and recommendations for those interested in desktop virtualization and VDI.  He is charged with helping organizations architect the next-generation desktop, including desktop virtualization, VDI, client hypervisors, and application virtualization.

In his role, Daniel has provided insights and recommendations to many of the world’s largest organizations across the world.
In addition to private, customer-related work, Daniel’s public initiatives includes the creation of
best practices, design recommendations, reference architectures and training initiatives focused on the core desktop virtualization concepts. Being the person behind the scenes, you can reach/follow Daniel via the Ask the Architect site as well as on Twitter.

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