TechNet Webcast: Using Visio 2007 Professional to Document Your IT Infrastructure (Level 200)
TechNet Webcast: Using Visio 2007 Professional to Document Your IT Infrastructure (Level 200)
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Product(s): Visio.
Audience(s): IT Implem_IT Generalist.

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Professional can provide clear and concise visual insight into the IT decision-making process. In this webcast, we focus on using Visio 2007 Professional to document resources and solve IT challenges. Topics we cover include:


  • Creating and maintaining site maps and building plans.
  • Importing CAD floor plates from CAD drawings such as AutoCAD .DWG files.
  • Creating and maintaining corporate organization charts.
  • Analyzing corporate resource utilization (documented as a Visio 2007 pivot diagram).
  • Presenting performance analysis for staff (shown as data graphics added to an organizational chart).
  • Analyzing departmental assets, both in floor plan view and as a Visio 2007 pivot diagram.
  • Displaying space allocation as illustrated on a floor plan.



Presenter: Dave Edson, Microsoft Office Visio MVP,


David A. Edson was trained as an Architect, holding degrees in Architecture and Architectural History. He has been involved in the CADD industry since 1985 as both a 3rd party developer to Autodesk and an independent consultant. Dave first began utilizing Visio with its introduction in 1992, utilizing it as a tool for software development. Dave worked for ten years in the field of Computer Aided Design and Drafting as a custom-programming manager with a focus on architectural based products and custom solutions. Dave has spent the last several years traveling all over the world training other developers in the use of both Visio and VBA as a development and solutions platform and evangelizing the use of objects and object-models as building blocks to robust software solutions. Dave continued his evangelism efforts as Technical Product Manager within the Developer Tools Division of Microsoft, focusing on Visual Studio for Applications, Visual Studio Integration and Visual Basic for Applications. Dave is currently the Director of Consulting Services and CTE with (the Microsoft ‘go-to’ partner for Visio education, consulting and customization), consulting to large corporations on a global basis, focusing on Visual Application Development with Visio, and on Programmability Applications with Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio for Applications. Dave was the recipient of the Microsoft 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 MVP (Most Valued Partner) award in recognition of his outstanding achievement in support of Visio technology, and Visio customers. This award is given to a single partner in the US each year and is amongst the highest awards conferred by Microsoft to any partner / professional. Dave is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Data Visualization. Dave assisted Microsoft in authoring the Data Visualization Certification Exam as well.
A featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed both in the United States and Europe as well as Advisor Dev-Con, ODDC, and Microsoft Technical Briefings, Dave has also been an author and columnist for SmartPages, Design Solution,, VBPJ, Microsoft Office and VBA Development, Cadence, and Cadylist as well as AutoCAD Tech Journal. Dave is the author of an acclaimed book on Visio development and Object Model programmability entitled Professional Development with Visio 2000, published by Macmillan/SAMS.

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