MSDN Webcast: Communication Patterns Supported by Windows Azure Platform AppFabric (Level 200)
MSDN Webcast: Communication Patterns Supported by Windows Azure Platform AppFabric (Level 200)
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The Internet has enabled connectivity between partners big and small. This new infrastructure needs to make access to partner applications easy and secure. However, it isn't always possible to know the characteristics of the application. There are also topology issues, connectivity issues that can get in the way of application integration. The Windows Azure platform AppFabric takes these issues and concepts, as applied to the Enterprise Service Bus, and moves them into the cloud to make an Internet Service Bus for application integration.

During this webcast, we explore what the Service Bus does and how it works. We also examine the connectivity challenges addressed by the Service Bus and the different communication patterns made possible by the Service Bus to address specific business requirements on the cloud.

Presenter: Joel Reyes, Senior Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

Joel Reyes is a senior developer evangelist at Microsoft. Back when Joel was a GW-BASIC kid, the possibility of working for the very company that inspired him to pursue a career in systems engineering and computer science never crossed his mind. RIT, Xerox, and Microsoft have had profound impacts on Joel's career as a software professional. From developer, project manager, people manager, consulting, and now evangelism, Joel has enjoyed seeing the positive effect of software in the lives of corporations and individuals. Today, Joel has the privilege of helping make local governments more efficient and more connected with people. Privately, Joel enjoys family life, computers, and direct involvement in his community to make a difference for those less fortunate.

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