Momentum Webcast: Spotlight on Cost: How to Prioritize IT Projects to Reduce Costs (Level 100)
Momentum Webcast: Spotlight on Cost: How to Prioritize IT Projects to Reduce Costs (Level 100)
Event ID: 1032404559
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Windows Server and Windows Server 2008.
Audience(s): IT Decision Maker.

IT systems are integral to daily business operations. To reduce costs, decisions makers have to sift through their organizations’  complexity and make difficult trade-offs. Microsoft has shared 31 best practices, based on 162 organizations’ IT operations, to reduce IT costs. Many of these best practices are related to three datacenter management principles, automation, integration, and virtualization. Organization’s can immediately benefit from adopting these principles, and implementing the related best practices. This webcast will provide step-by-step guidance on how to select and prioritize IT projects that will save money and meet your organization’s unique needs. If you are seeking ways to  immediately reduce costs, increase time to drive business value, and are ready to get started this webcast is a must!

Presenter: Liam McGlynn, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.

Liam comes to EMA with more than 25 years of experience in escalating systems management roles. He has been a technician, manager and technology architect. Primarily, Liam has functioned as a technology advocate with a focus on data center automation as a means of reducing cost and complexity.
At EMA, Liam focuses on data center automation and its many subordinate and parallel disciplines. These disciplines include event monitoring/console automation, IT process automation, job scheduling/workload automation, remote control, asset and inventory management, patch distribution, provisioning, and compliance auditing.
Liam started his IT career as a mainframe systems programmer and spent 12 years supporting mainframe operating systems, performance tuning, Unix systems administration, automated operations, network architecture, assembler programming, disaster recovery, problem resolution, and outage reduction. In 1995, Liam started a consulting business that specialized in data center automation and Unix operational control. Most recently, Liam spent 10 years at Washington Mutual Bank in IT management and technology architecture, leading a series of high-value automation, availability, and cost reduction initiatives spanning mainframe operations, data center consolidation, IT automation, virtualization, CMDB, and IT Service Management.
Liam brings valuable expertise to EMA in areas that are critical to our customers in both the near and long term.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Business Management, University of Phoenix

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