Microsoft Webcast: How to Coach Your Sales Team to Success (Level 100)
Microsoft Webcast: How to Coach Your Sales Team to Success (Level 100)
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It takes more than business as usual to make it in tough economic times. It seems that if you aren't moving ahead, you are falling behind. Fortunately, there are strategies and tactics you can learn to inspire your sales team and help them make smart decisions. Attend this valuable webcast sponsored by Microsoft in partnership with Dale Carnegie Training. In the webcast, a seasoned Dale Carnegie trainer coaches sales managers on techniques and technology that help maximize the amount of time their sales representatives spend in front of customers. Microsoft solution specialists also demonstrate how Microsoft technology can help sales teams gain real-time customer insight, build a connected and collaborative sales force, and optimize the selling cycle.

Presenters: Mark Norman, Global Delivery Team, Dale Carnegie Training, Tanim Ahmed, CRM Partner Technology Specialist, Microsoft Corporation, and Jack Elmore, Information Worker Solution Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

Mark began his career with Dale Carnegie Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984. He became the sales manager for Minnesota and North Dakota in 1987, and under his direction the organization doubled sales. In 1992 Mark was awarded the Dale Carnegie Franchise in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mark tripled revenue from 1992 to 1996, when he the sold the franchise. Dale Carnegie International awarded him the St. Louis franchise in 1996, and led the organization to international recognition four straight years. As a salesperson with Dale Carnegie, Mark was awarded the 1500 club five times. This designation is the highest honor that a salesperson can accomplish in the Dale Carnegie Organization.

In 2001 Mark sold his franchise, and started a consulting firm focused on accelerating performance. He currently delivers over one hundred workshops, training sessions, and keynotes a year.

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