MSDN Webcast: Project Server and Project Portfolio Server Advanced Customization (Level 400)
MSDN Webcast: Project Server and Project Portfolio Server Advanced Customization (Level 400)
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Attend this webcast to discover two of the latest solution starters produced for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Office Project Portfolio Server 2007, the Solution Connector and the Project Server audit framework. The Solution Connector is a Microsoft ASP.NET Web service and Microsoft .NET class library, which provides a set of methods for programmatically creating, updating, or deleting projects and their attributes in Project Portfolio Server 2007. The Solution Connector was created to support both the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Capital Planning and Investment Control for Federal Government (CPIC) and Innovation Process Management (IPM) solutions. In these solutions, projects and ideas are captured in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and at a specific point in the workflow the information is pushed to Project Portfolio Server 2007 (utilizing the new Solution Connector Web-service) for analysis. The Project Server audit framework solution gives you the ability to audit specific Project Server events within a framework. Join us to learn more.

Presenter: Larry Duff, Engagement Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Larry Duff has been a consultant with Microsoft for ten years. For the last six years he has worked with the Project Server team supporting partners and customers that are developing solutions using Project Server. He has spoken at numerous conferences on Project Server development related topics. Prior to joining Microsoft, Duff wrote software for retail point-of-sale systems and the Space Shuttle program. He has a bachelor of science in computer engineering and a master of science in computer science from the Florida Institute of Technology.

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