TechNet Webcast: Consolidation and Rapid Provisioning (Level 300)
TechNet Webcast: Consolidation and Rapid Provisioning (Level 300)
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Contoso has seen the benefits of virtualizing their test and development environments, now Contoso wishes to proceed on a wide-spread deployment of virtualization technologies with a wider scope. In this webcast, we look at how to use Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to move production servers into a virtual environment, we also cover the creation of a self-service provisioning environment that allows groups within Contoso to create and manage their own virtual machines without the help of the IT department.

Presenter: Chris Avis, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Chris Avis began his career at Microsoft in 1994 working on Microsoft Windows NT networking and later moving to the Microsoft BackOffice Server and Windows Small Business Server support team. Chris is an enthusiastic TechNet presenter who enjoys it when audience members realize, "I did not know I could do that!" If you are lucky enough to see Chris in action, prepare to be entertained. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Chris shares his broad knowledge of the installation, networking configuration, and management of Microsoft products while doing his best to make your introduction to new technologies fast-paced and engaging.

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