Microsoft Dynamics Webcast: Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Level 100)
Microsoft Dynamics Webcast: Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Level 100)
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Product(s): Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Organizations today are investing a lot of time and resources in finding new customers and retaining existing customers, selling products or services, and delivering superior customer service. The return on these investments is not always clear, and the measurement of performance and impact of these investments traditionally has been difficult.
In this webcast, we provide an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and we discuss how integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with business intelligence technologies like Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server, and Microsoft SQL Server can provide you better insight into your organization's performance. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you make better, more informed business decisions and drive greater efficiencies in managing the customer life cycle.

Presenter: Lori Harner, Microsoft Dynamics Partner Technology Specialist ERP/CRM/IW, Microsoft Corporation

Lori Harner has more than 10 years of experience with the Microsoft Business Division. During that time, she has held various roles, including technical support manager, senior product manager, and product planner, where she spent much of her time conducting product research and defining the feature enhancements for the Microsoft Dynamics products. Prior to joining Microsoft, Lori spent eight years in the financial industry as a personal banker and auditor.

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