IT Manager Webcast: Platform Solution Blueprints: Business Intelligence and Search (Level 200)
IT Manager Webcast: Platform Solution Blueprints: Business Intelligence and Search (Level 200)
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Business intelligence (BI) is a set of concepts and methods to improve business decision making through fact-based data. In broad terms, BI effectively enables the accessing, analyzing, forecasting, reporting, and sharing of information needed to achieve corporate objectives. Search can be thought of as BI for enterprise information. When properly tuned, a search solution abbreviates the time it takes to find the right information the first time and thereby enables many of the same information management efforts found in business intelligence. In this webcast, we demonstrate how easily and efficiently an organization can collect, analyze, publish, and collaborate on information that drives corporate strategy. If you need better access to information about your business, then join this webcast and learn how the Microsoft BI and search solutions can help you find information about your business you never knew you had.

Presenters: Ken Poore, Enterprise Solutions Strategist, Advaiya, Inc., and Eric Zinn, Enterprise Solutions Specialist, Advaiya, Inc.

Ken Poore is an enterprise solutions strategist at Advaiya, Inc. He was previously employed at Forrester Research where he was a senior analyst who focused on enterprise search and other knowledge management areas. Ken has worked with enterprise information management trends, technology, and best practices since 1988. His specialties include enterprise search, portals, and workgroup content management, and Ken has a background in product management, strategic business planning, and consulting for clients across a variety of industries.

Eric Zinn has more than 10 years of experience in IT operations in the retail vertical and most recently was an infrastructure optimization subject matter expert (SME) for BT Professional Services. This unique experience lets Eric focus on actionable solutions that tie directly to overall corporate objectives.

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