TechNet Webcast: Supporting PHP and Open Source in the Windows Environment (Level 200)
TechNet Webcast: Supporting PHP and Open Source in the Windows Environment (Level 200)
Event ID: 1032395117
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Windows Server and Windows Server 2008.
Audience(s): IT Implem_IT Generalist.

In this webcast, we explore PHP and open source software and explain how it can be used on the Windows Server operating system. We cover the Microsoft open source service offerings for developers, IT professionals, and businesses that can be used on Windows Server environments. We examine the Windows Server 2008 environment for hosting open source applications and the benefits for users to reduce the cost of ownership. We describe how Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, Microsoft ASP.NET, and Microsoft System Center solutions can enhance the experience for users that run open source applications. The topics in this webcast include how to configure and install PHP, MySQL, and Apache on the Windows Server platform. In addition, we cover Linux interoperability in the Windows environment.

Presenter: Keith Combs, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

A Texan with "decent intelligence and a good base of experience to draw from," Keith Combs does not mince words. He enjoys working with both software and hardware, and he thrives on helping customers solve thorny problems. The world has come to rely on e-mail, Web servers, and file servers, and Keith loves showing people how to make the most out of these essential and emerging products. His greatest challenge? Keeping up with the lightning pace of innovation, technology, and information overload–no kidding! If he ever abandoned the server room for good, Keith would become your favorite driving range target, ducking golf balls in the cage tractor.

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