MSDN Webcast: "Geneva" Deep Dive (Level 400)
MSDN Webcast: "Geneva" Deep Dive (Level 400)
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Code name "Geneva" is the next generation of identity server and identity framework from Microsoft. In this webcast, we examine the architecture of "Geneva" and how you can customize the architecture for advanced security scenarios. At the center of the discussion is the Security Token Service (STS), a core component that provides authentication and identity services. Learn how many applications benefit from an embedded STS and how many scenarios call for an STS that is built on a specialized user store.

Presenter: Jan Alexander, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Jan is a technical program manager in Federated Identity team inside Identity and Security Division. He is designing products that help developers and IT professionals make the Internet and enterprise applications secure. Before joining Federated Identity team, Jan was a program manager responsible for the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security feature.

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