IT Manager Webcast: Introduction to Platform Solution Blueprints (Level 200)
IT Manager Webcast: Introduction to Platform Solution Blueprints (Level 200)
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The goal of Platform Solution Blueprints is to help IT managers plan their technology investments by focusing on reusable capabilities, such as next-generation Web, business intelligence (BI), service-oriented architecture (SOA), virtualization, security, and many others that are critical to the success of their business. By considering each of these capabilities in terms of how they fit into the overall platform blueprint, instead of thinking of them as silo solutions, IT managers can optimize and secure their IT infrastructure, create agility through innovation, and reduce costs. Tune in to the Platform Solution Blueprints webcast and podcast series each month to learn how these blueprints fit into the Microsoft platform and how a platform approach turns tactical decisions into long-term, strategic plans.

In this webcast, we introduce you to the Platform Solution Blueprints series. This webcast serves as the foundation for the other webcasts and podcasts. If you are taking a “best-of-breed” approach to your IT strategy, you do not want to miss the information presented in this introduction.

Presenters: Sandy Sharma &, Consultant, Advaiya, Inc., and Eric Zinn, Consultant, Advaiya, Inc.

Sandy Sharma has more than 15 years of business and technology consulting experience in a senior executive position. He has also served as a senior consultant, business strategist, and architect for large organizations. Sandy specializes in helping organizations achieve success through his practical knowledge of how to improve business processes and align business needs with technology.

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